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Minister Pejović participates in Bled Strategic Forum

Minister Pejović participates in Bled Strategic Forum
Published date: 05.09.2017 19:00 | Author: MEP

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MEPSolidarity of the Member States and common answer to the internal and external crises, with the affirmation of the place and role of the EU as an important geopolitical factor on the international scene, will make the Union stronger and contribute to restoration of faith in the European project and raising awareness of the common future of the European states, said Minister of the European Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejović at the Bled Strategic Forum, in the panel dedicated to the functioning and future of the EU.

Minister pointed to the importance of the recently adopted Declaration of Rome, as well as the need for the EU to re-establish closer relation with its citizens through solving problems in the field of employment, social rights, solidarity and equal opportunities for all. Furthermore, he emphasised the importance of good functioning of the common market and ensuring the free movement of people, goods and capital, which represent its foundation, for the constant economic development and improvement of the living standard of citizens. He noted that the Member States have to be united in responding to the global challenges and protection of common interests and fundamental values and goals.

The other speakers of this panel were the representatives of the EU institutions and ministers of foreign affairs and European affairs of the EU Member States.

MEPThe panellists pointed out that the crises which the EU has been facing in the last few years, particularly the economic-financial and migratory crises, have undermined trust between the Member States and relations between the EU institutions and pointed to the need of overcoming individual preoccupations and returning to the original idea and goals on which the Union was founded, first of all those related to common market, Schengen zone, commitment to the international trade. They pointed out that sixty years after the Roman Treaties, Europe needs solidarity and common approach in solving problems and paving the common future. 

Participants of the panel stated that the European Union needs to consolidate and re-establish itself as the bastion of multilateralism and free and fair trade in the global scene.

On the margins of the forum, Minister had separate meetings with Ministers of European affairs of Slovakia and Romania, Miroslav Lajčák and Teodor-Viorel Meleşcanu, Minister for European Affairs of France Nathalie Loiseau and the State Secretary for European Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia Iztok Mirošič.

The counterparts of Minister Pejović welcomed the results which Montenegro accomplished in the EU accession process and conveyed full political and technical support of their states for the successful continuation of reforms in these areas. In the meeting they talked about the future obligations and plans of Montenegro with the aim of opening the remaining chapters, and the work on meeting conditions for closing negotiation chapters, and in that context they agreed the concrete forms of cooperation and expert support in the priority areas.