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Press release: Efficient planning of public policies and opened state administration important for accession to the EU

Press release: Efficient planning of public policies and opened state administration important for accession to the EU
Published date: 13.09.2017 15:05 | Author: MEP

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During their meeting, Minister of European Affairs Aleksandra Andrija Pejović and Acting Director of the Secretariat for Public Policies of the Republic of Serbia Jasna Atanasijević concluded that aligned public policies leading to development of society and economy, as well as opened, efficient and flexible state administration which serves to citizens and which is guided by long-term development interests, are the conditions required for the accession to the EU.  

MEPTopics of today`s meeting in Podgorica were legal framework governing the field of strategic planning of public policies, results achieved in that field and further directions and goals.

Acting Director Atanasijević presented the experience of Serbia and the activities of the Secretariat related to recently adopted Law on the Planning System, which governs public policy system management and mid-term planning, mutual alignment of planning documents, as well as the obligation of reporting on their implementation and development of effect analysis and evaluation of their performance.

Minister Pejović presented the competences and the work of the Ministry of European Affairs aimed at the establishment of the system for more efficient alignment of strategic planning of public policies in sectoral policies important for the process of accession to the EU.

He indicated that the responsible directorate in the Ministry was working on preparation and adoption of the relevant methodology for uniformed and synchronized preparation of sectoral strategic documents. He stated that development of quality public policies and regulations, as well as their appropriate implementation require strengthening of capacities of the state administration, and that the Ministry was already preparing the training programme for employees of the line ministries.

Participants of the meeting agreed on specific forms of cooperation, which will contribute to strengthening of administrative capacities for planning and monitoring of the alignment and implementation of the planning documents that will lead to better and more efficient  implementation of public policies.