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Published date: 22.02.2018 14:44 | Author: MEP

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I hereby inform the public that I sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković informing him that I submitted my resignation on moral grounds from the office as member of the Government of Montenegro.

As a responsible and conscientious citizen, respecting the actions of the Montenegrin institutions, I have decided to act in this way in order to relieve pressure forced upon the Government and me personally after the adoption of the Decision of the Anticorruption Agency UPI 02-01-10/15 of 16 February 2018.

I will certainly make use of the legal remedy and assert my right in a legally prescribed procedure, firmly convinced that I did not violate the law on any ground listed in the Decision of the Agency. I would like to point out that I acted in accordance with the applicable regulations issued by the Government that I am a part of, and which were modelled upon the comparative examples in Croatia and Serbia, where the function of the chief negotiator also implies the status of the Ambassador to the Mission in Brussels, which can also be observed in the annex to this statement.

I am certain that in the course of the legal procedure, I will prove lack of conflict of interest so as to protect my personal integrity, and, in turn, the credibility of the institutions of the system.

As regards the compensation for additional duties, I want to clarify that it was granted by the Decision of the Prime Minister of Montenegro no. 03/3-831 of 5 May 2017.

Consequently, pursuant to Article 7 paragraph 2 of the Government's Decision establishing the structure for conducting negotiations on Montenegro's accession to the European Union, my resignation also implies the termination of my duty as the Minister of European Affairs – Chief Negotiator, which I perform in the capacity of Ambassador in the Mission of Montenegro to the EU.

I believe that, while performing my duties, I acted diligently and responsibly and fully observed the Montenegrin laws and European standards, which can be proven by the results achieved by the line ministry I represented.